Different kinds of Deed of Adjudication | Sample Template | Free Download

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A Deed of Adjudication can come in many forms for different purposes. Here are the most common kinds including its varieties depending on the purpose which the affiants have in mind.

Affidavit of Self-adjudication – this happens when the affiant is the sole and exclusive heir of the decedent. This form may come with Donation, Waiver or Sale if the affiant wishes to donate, waive or sell the property to somebody else.

Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate – this is usually done when there are two or more heirs and involving one or more property of a decedent, and may also come with Donation, Waiver or Sale depending on the tenor of the agreement of the participants.

Open your MS Word and apply the following format:

Page Layout:

a. Size – 8.5 by 13 inches;

b. Margins – Normal, 1 inch all sides;

c. Font and Font size – any easily readable font, font size 14 is recommended; and

d. Spacing - Single Space.


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Below are the samples of the above-mentioned adjudications:

Deed of Adjudication with Donation
Deed of Adjudication page two

When everything is done, print atleast four (4) copies and the Parties must acknowledge the same to the Notary Public. 

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